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priest lake family In 1995 Bonnie Bell and her family of Spokane decided to purchase property at Priest Lake, Idaho. Bonnie has spent her whole life at Priest Lake – growing up at her parent’s cabin close to Outlet Bay, and fell in love with the quiet beauty of the lake. With the discovery of the Diamond Belle property, her dreams of having her own piece of this heaven were realized!

Her family included 3 daughters who spent many memorable summer moments of their teenage years at this beautiful spot.

Her family now includes three grown daughters, three sons-in-laws, ten grandbabies and now a whole ‘nother side of the family with the arrival of husband Butch and his family, and another eleven grandchildren! She looks forward to many years to come of watching the grandchildren enjoy Priest Lake, and now that the cabin has sold, THIS family will become a renter of beautiful Priest Lake cabins!

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